Carbs-It’s a Macro and Not a Bad word.



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eat carbs
Carbs have gotten a bad rap over the past few years (especially, when the Atkins Diet became a craze.) I get so many questions of what to eat, no carbs, no meat, no fruit, no this, or that.  The answer I give people about nutrition is our body needs proteins, carbs, and healthy fats in order to function.  When you start cutting out 1 macro or food groups, then you are fixing to run into major problems.  For example, 30 grams of carbs a day and hitting the gym 2X a day.  A matter of time, you will crash.  Metabolically your system will derail. Can’t function like that and it’s not healthy. 

If you are trying to lose, you need to know how much food you are taking in through calories/protein/carbs/fats.  Most people say, “I have no idea what I eat or how much”.  That’s the problem. Would you put any old type of fuel in your car and just make a guess about what to use and how much to use. NO! Cause GAS is Freaking HIGH! Then don’t treat your body like that. 

It takes a certain deficit calorically to lose weight and a higher caloric range to gain muscle.  And everyone’s caloric intake is different and it changes as we age. The way I eat now is totally different than the way I ate 4 years ago. Yes, both ways were/are healthy, but I have more muscle tissue. My training has advanced and I need more fuel to continue my vigorous workouts. 

So yes, I eat carbs and right now a lot of them.  However, my complex carb choices are clean! For example, oatmeal, whole grain breads, sweet potatoes (by the pound, my fav), rice, and rice cakes, just to name a few.  Also,  carbs are found in fruits, also.  I do eat fruits, however, I tend to eat my fruit in the morning along with higher servings of my complex carbs because I do heavy training and I want energy to teach during the day. 

In closing:

1. Carbs, proteins, fats—Need to be in your diet

2. Quality and Quantity-This is important!  (Don’t expect to eat a whole avocado a day and expect to lose weight.  Avocados are a good healthy source of fat. However, you should be eating a couple of slices and not the whole thing at 1 meal. Same thing with peanut butter, 2 TBS is the serving size and not the jar. ;0) I totally fall victim to this.)

3. If you need help, ASK! Get someone who knows and entrust in their wisdom. 

4. Eat clean and train hard! I promise good things happen.